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Key Management Systems

> Provide controlled access to your most valuable assets.

Keys are a vital part of every organization: giving access to buildings, facilities, secure areas, equipment, machinery, lockers, cabinets and vehicles. To safeguard such assets, Traka has developed products and software to provide a complete, yet simple solution.

Traka's key management system turns conventional keys into clever keys and controls access to critical assets, while recording key usage and compiling comprehensive management information enabling organizations to:

At the heart of the system is the iFob, a bullet-shaped device that carries a unique ID. Once permanently attached to an iFob with a robust security seal, individual keys or keysets are electronically tagged. Each iFob is then assigned a specific port within a Traka key cabinet and locked in place until released by an authorized user.

Traka offers a wide range of key cabinet and system options along with customized system preferences to provide optimal security and protection. It is estimated that Traka manages over 15 billion dollars’ worth of assets worldwide. Contact us today, to learn more.